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the possum merino shop - our story

previously hideout new zealand



After working for two American multi-national companies in international sales and marketing, I decided to look for a business that helped New Zealand by exporting New Zealand products that are sourced from and manufactured in New Zealand.


An opportunity arose in 2009, where I could source possum products, including the possum/merino wool knitwear. I have also had calfskin bags, slippers and Possum fur throws. If you are interested in any of these, please contact me here. I will be able to assist you in finding it for you.


As background, the Brushtail Possum (sometimes known as Kiwi Bear), produces an opulent, luxurious fur which is 8% warmer and 14% lighter than wool. Its soft and silky fibre is hollow, so it retains heat and repels moisture, making it extremely warm to wear. It is regarded as the third warmest fur in the world, behind the Arctic Fox and Polar Bear.

However, the Possum was introduced in the 1800's to New Zealand and unlike it's native Australia, there are no natural predators. This has meant the Possum numbers have exploded and as a result, it is destroying the birds and forests of the country in ever increasing numbers! It is against the law to farm the Brushtail and it also illegal to use painful methods to exterminate it. 


For further information, visit the Department of Conservation of the New Zealand Government.



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